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»»» With a colorful and floral mix of many new designs and great ideas for the laid table, Mank launches into spring. The new catalog for spring and summer will inspire you: Have fun and success with it!

»»» For many years our focus has been on making our customers‘ day-to-day work easier with sophisticated Table Top products. For this reason, we have restructured our annual catalog, so you can easily get an overview of our range. The INSPIRATION 2020 is now organized in a simple and clear way according to motives - so you can quickly recognize which products and qualities we offer to the designs of your choice.

»»» All 35 basic colors at a glance offers this new addition to INSPIRATION 2020: clear and colorful as you know it from Mank!

»»» Long before the terms “organic” and “sustainability” became fashionable, treating nature and its resources responsibly and respectfully was the cornerstone of our company philosophy. We gave our best back then, just as we continue to do now, to make sure our production standards, our raw material requirements and all the company-related processes were as ecological and environmentally-friendly as possible, so that future generations will also be able to enjoy a sound and healthy environment. This is our corporate responsibility and we take it seriously.